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Dual Channel Setup using the Zeitronix Data Logger Software

The Zeitronix Data Logger software may be used in concert with all Zeitronix displays. All Gauge and LCD display purchases include a splitter allowing use of both the display and software. The splitter also allows use of multiple displays at the same time or the Black Box Data Logger.

2 x Zt-2s
Use 2 or more Zt-2s to get left and right exhaust AFR readings. This setup supports multiple EGTs (one per system) and also multiple boost and air or fluid temperature readings. Multiple RPM readings can be used to compare engine and output shaft RPMs.
Compare the Zt-2 and Zt-3 Widebands

Two Zt-2s Dual Channel AFR

1 x Zt-2 and 1 x Zt-3
Use a single Zt-2 to read AFR/Lambda reading plus EGT, Boost, RPM, TPS and temperatures or pressures. The Zt-3 adds the 2nd AFR/Lambda reading to your data.
Compare the Zt-2 and Zt-3 Widebands

One Zt-2 One Zt-3 Dual Channel AFR

2 x Zt-3s
Use 2 Zt-3s for dual AFR/Lambda readings. RPM, TPS and other sensor readings are not supported so use the "1 x Zt-2 and 1 x Zt-3" configuration if these readings are required.
Compare the Zt-2 and Zt-3 Widebands

Two Zt-3s Dual Channel AFR

Multiple Zt-2s and Zt-3s
Up to 8 devices (Zt-2s and Zt-3s) can be connected to the Zeitronix Data Logging software at once. Connections can be made through a serial port on the laptop or a combination of one or more serial to USB adapters.
Compare the Zt-2 and Zt-3 Widebands

Dual AFR Dashbaord View
ZDL 8 Wideband Setup

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